Teamwork among our lawyers that ensures the highest quality service possible for our clients. Collaboration is not only the key to providing our clients with the highest standard of legal work and customer service we can offer, but is also a critical part of our open door culture. Our structure is designed to bridge job titles, and each member of our team is invited and expected to be an important part of our work, and in the end, to share in our success. 


We build policies that create an incentive to properly staff projects for the good of our clients and our lawyers, rather than ensuring work hours.  Our policies exist to provide clients with the highest standard of legal work, responsiveness, and efficiency. We staff our firm and each individual client’s work with what is appropriate for the situation, making potentially difficult legal issues a smoother experience for all parties.


Our local communities help define who we are, and we have found the people and businesses of Louisiana to be strong, honest, fun, and hard-working. With offices in Shreveport, New Orleans, and Baton Rouge, participation in community events is essential to being active corporate citizens, and keeping a finger on the pulse of our local landscape enables us to better navigate the legal ecosystem for our clients. We are only as strong as our communities, and as time has proven to us, the strength of our communities is unbreakable. 


We see the future in our young attorneys. Our associates have autonomous access to everything the firm has to offer, coupled with the guidance of our experienced attorneys, to help them reach their potential. The growth and development of our young attorneys ensures that the future of the firm is in the hands of those who understand how we can make a difference to our clients, and offers long-term sustainability for both our attorneys and our clients.


Trust is a value that is earned, not given. At Bradley Murchison Kelly & Shea, we pride ourselves on maintaining an atmosphere of trust and ensuring that the trust we have built is never compromised. We have found trust building critical to keeping strong working relationships that can withstand challenges. Whether among our attorneys, our staff, or our clients, cultivating trust is at the core of our culture. 


Our north, central and south Louisiana locations are key to maintaining a balanced presence throughout our region. The cultures and industries in our state certainly vary by location, but what remains the same is our commitment to client success. Each and every one of our clients has access to the full resources of our firm and its many practices. Our strategic home bases, combined with our open communication policies, deep expertise, and regular involvement within the industries and communities we serve, provide an unmatched advantage for our clients. No matter which part of the state we serve, our focus is on providing the best service possible to our clients throughout Louisiana.